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Seo In Guk Considers A Historical Drama

BY Julie Jones | Aug 15, 2014 11:11 AM EDT

Seo In Guk

After his turn as the secretive bodyguard in "The Master's Sun" and his dual role as a high school student pretending to be a corporate executive in "High School King of Manners," Seo In Guk has proven he can take on a variety of characters. But how well might he wear traditional court clothing?

Viewers may soon find out as the actor is currently considering his first historical drama, "The King's Face."

He is in talks to play the role of Gwang Hae Joon in the drama. The real-life Gwang Hae Joon was born to a king and a concubine, which did not make him the first choice to rule his country. But though his legitimate brothers had a better claim to the throne, he was most qualified for the job. Or at the very least he survived enough plots against him.

But as the drama's title might suggest, the art of face reading is also an important part of the plot. Face reading is an ancient technique that analyzes a person's features to predict his character and future. In the drama a face reader helps Prince Gwang Hae Joon determine his royal destiny.

Lee Sung Jae is also considering a role in the drama. The actor, who played the despicable villain in "Gu Family Book" and a widower in "Suspicious Housekeeper," is up for the role of Seo In Guk's royal father, King Seon Jo. The two have practice playing family members as they previously played brothers in the drama "Rascal Sons."

 "The King's Face" will explore the issue of Gwang Hae Joon's claim to the throne and focus on the political rivalry between father and son. Further heating up the drama's tension is the fact that father and son both fall for the same woman. Father and son will not only be political but also romantic rivals.

Son Ye Jin was considering the role of Kim Ha Gee, the woman loved by both the king and his son. However, her agency, MSTeam Entertainment, recently told MBN Star that she decided to turn it down.

"She decided to decline the casting offer for 'The King's Face.' Her next production will likely be a movie," said the MSTeam representative.

No other actresses have yet been mentioned in connection with the leading role.

Lee Hyang Hee, who wrote "War of Money," wrote the screenplay for this drama. Yoon Sung Shik, who directed "Bridal Mask" and "Story of a Man" will be the director on this project.

"The King's Face" is set to follow "Iron Man" in November.

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