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Kim Ji Won’s Words On ‘High Kick 3’ Ending

By Staff Writer | Mar 26, 2012 02:45 AM EDT

Kim Ji Won

Actress Kim Ji Won of MBC's daily sitcom 'High Kick 3' wrote a post with the title 'Hello everyone, it's Ji Won' on the 24th through community portal site DC Inside.

Kim Ji Won stated, "Honestly, it took some courage for me to leave this post. After finishing my schedule, while looking at my fan cafe and gallery, I saw some unkind comments on Ji Won's character and I was quite hurt. That's why it is true that I was kind of scared to post this."

 "The filming for 'High Kick 3,' that felt short in some ways and long in other ways, is finally coming to an end. When I look back, I feel some regret. I remember when I was first casted in 'High Kick 3,' I was so happy that I had a party with my family at home, and when I think of those happy moments, it seems as though the fact that I will never met 'High Kick 3' Ji Won again is a lie. During filming these days, rather than being tired, I feel strength from preparing to separate from the 'High Kick 3' family."

"I was able to work hard and come to this point because of my fans' warm words and cheers. When 'High Kick 3' is over, I will go to Japan and perform as a singer! When I was a trainee, I learned singing and acting at the same time and although acting was my ultimate goal, I want to continue the singing that I learned. I'm sad and sorry to my fans for the sudden news, but I hope to show you a better, hardworking Ji Won. Thank you for all of your love and support during 'High Kick 3.'"

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