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‘Romantic Comedy Queen’ Kim Ha Neul VS Kim Sun Ah VS Lee Min Jung

By Staff Writer | May 18, 2012 01:13 AM EDT

Gentlemen's Class, I Do I Do, Big
Kim Ha Neul, Kim Sun Ah, Lee Min Jung

With the 'King' character popularity of the first half of the year dying down, a new role 'Roco (romantic comedy) Queen ' is making way. The representatives of 'Roco Queen' are Kim Sun Ah, Kim Ha Neul, and Lee Min Jung.

Kim Ha Neul will be the first to start the trend on the 26th through SBS's weekend drama 'Gentlemen's Class.' She will be playing a high school ethics professor, as well as the first love of Jang Dong Gun.

Following Kim Ha Neul is Kim Sun Ah. On the 30th, Kim Sun Ah will prepare for her fifth homerun in a row with MBC's Wednesday-Thursday drama 'I Do I Do.' Kim Sun Ah, veteran of romantic comedies, has succeeded with 'My Name is Kim Sam Soon,' 'When It's at Night,' 'City Hall,' and 'Scent of a Woman.' In 'I Do I Do,' she will play a gold miss shoe designer who finds her life turned around due to one night's mistake.

Lee Min Jung will also undertake the title of 'Roco Queen' with KBS2 TV's Monday-Tuesday drama 'Big,' premiering on the 4th of next month. Lee Min Jung will play the role of a professor who finds herself in a romance with a teenaged-soul.

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