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‘A Gentleman's Dignity’ Kim Ha Neul’s Fashion Becomes Popular

By Staff Writer | Jun 18, 2012 09:59 AM EDT

Kim Ha Neul
'Seo Yi Soo Look'

Kim Ha Neul's outfits on SBS's weekend drama 'A Gentleman's Dignity' are gaining popularity.

Kim Ha Neul plays the role of Seo Yi Soo, an ethics professor as well as an amateur baseball referee, and is currently sweeping audiences through her romance with Kim Do Jin, played by Jang Dong Gun. The romantic comedy has maintained its popularity with the characters and now with the 'Seo Yi Soo look.'

Kim Ha Neul's perfect S line body and styling to match her character's personality have grabbed the interest of female audiences since the first episode of the drama. According to a fashion representative, "In the drama, Kim Ha Neul's style is one in which women wish to follow. We are in a situation receiving inquiry and sales."

Kim Ha Neul's stylist Yoon Sang Mi stated, "The basic concept of the 'Seo Yi Soo look' is 'modern chic.' Since her role is that of a schoolteacher, her attire at school is formal, while her attire outside of school consists of a natural and lovely casual look. I styled her according to the time, place, and occasion. These aspects present Yi Soo's reversal charm."

Continuing, "Kim Ha Neul is able to digest all styling with her voluminous waist line and perfect legs."

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