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'A Gentleman's Dignity' Kim Woo Bin, Face covered in Blood 'Did He Fight with Jang Dong Gun?'

By Staff Writer | Jun 29, 2012 09:56 AM EDT

Kim Woo Bin

The picture of Kim Woo Bin covered in blood is becoming a hot topic on the web.

On June 28th, Kim Woo Bin uploaded a picture onto his personal me2day account captioned "What happened to Dong Hyup? If you're interested then everyone watch episode 11 of 'A Gentleman's Dignity' this Saturday! Watch it love please!" and released a photo of him covered in blood.

In the picture, Kim Woo Bin is not in a school uniform as he usually is in, while shooting for the drama 'A Gentleman's Dignity'. Wearing regular clothes, he portrays as if he got into a very big accident. His body is covered in blood while his arm is wrapped in a bandage leaving the viewers in anticipation of the upcoming episode of the drama.

The public after coming across the picture has been commenting "Did he fight with Jang Dong Gun?" , "I watch 'A Gentleman's Dignity' because of Dong Hyup!" , "Even though he is covered in blood he is so cute." , "Oh my god I want to watch the next episode already!"

Kim Woo Bin is currently in production for the hit SBS drama series 'A Gentleman's Dignity' portraying the student who love his teacher Yi Soo(Kim Ha Neul) . 

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