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Sulli, Disguised As A Boy, “Still Pretty”

By Staff Writer | Jul 07, 2012 07:51 AM EDT

sulli short hair
sulli and minho casted

Sulli, in the group F(x) has disguised as a boy and it is a hot topic. 

Recently, on an online community webpage, a picture was uploaded of Sulli, in a set for a new Wednesday and Thursday drama, "To the Beautiful You".

The picture is of Sulli shooting for the new drama and she has a very short cut hair, which grasps the attention. In the drama, she is a 'pretty girl in disguise as a boy' that shows her boyish side of her character. Sulli was in a drama as a child actor when little so this is her first acting as an adult.

This drama, "To the Beautiful You", is about Koo Jae Hee, who is a girl in disguise to help a boy, Kang Tae Joon, a gold medalist in High Jump. It is also romance but a noisy farce survival story of Koo Jae Hee.

While Sulli is Koo Jae Hee in the drama, Min Ho from SHINee has been casted as the High Jump athlete Kang Tae Joon and they will go through a romance together.

On the other hand, "To the Beautiful You" is a Japanese comic originally and has already been made into a drama by Japan and Taiwan and received a lot of love. 

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