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Go So Young "Jang Dong Gun Liked Me First"

By Staff Writer | Jul 09, 2012 02:17 PM EDT

Go So Young
(Photo : SBS)

Actress Go So Young confessed that her husband Jang Dong Gun liked her first.

On the 9th, the SBS 'Healing Camp' production staff revealed on the Go So Young edition of 'Healing Camp' she revealed her relationship and couple story of her and Jang Dong Gun.

Jang Dong Gun and Go So Young are called the 'Korean Brangelina Couple' and also dubbed 'Jang-Go Couple,' and created a hot topic when they revealed that they were going to get married.

While filming for 'Healing Camp' Go So Young revealed "Jang Dong Gun and I knew of each other from the beginning of our debuts into the celebrity world. And we were the best of friends," she went on to reveal the confused state she was in between 'the relationship of friends and lovers at the time between the two.'

"After meeting up in America we went onto becoming a couple, I still cherish the text messages that he and I sent to each other at the time."

"Like other couples, we also came on a verge of breaking up," 

"I still haven't received a proposal from him." she confessed. The romantic story between the two, will be released on the final episode of Go So Young's episode of 'Healing Camp.' 

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