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‘Unexpected You’, Yang Jung Ah’s Family Finds Out About Her Divorce… Family Revenge

By Staff Writer | Jul 14, 2012 09:25 PM EDT

Unexpected You

On the Weekend Drama 'Unexpected You', all of her family members found out about her divorce, which created a lot of tension. 

On the episode aired on the 14th, her two aunts, Yang Hee Kyung and Yoo Ji In unexpectedly found out that their niece got a divorce and they told their older sister, Yang Jung Ah's mother, Yoon Yeo Jung about this truth.

When Yoon Yeo Jung found out about this, she was in so much shock and anger that she hit her daughter. And through her anger, all of her family members found out and Yang Jung Ah said, "I had no choice." and her mother said that this was all because she liked Kim Won Joon so much and scolded her.

Yoon Yeo Jung said, "Who would like a woman who follows around singers and celebrities?" and blamed her daughter but they found out eventually that it was because her husband cheated on her.

At the gathering, Yang Jung Ah said, "I couldn't tell you guys about the divorce because I hated myself for never making you all proud", and shed a lot of tears.

To this, her family understood her pain and foreshadowed revenge. 

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