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'I Do I Do' Kim Sun Ah-Lee Jang Woo Date Filming

By Staff Writer | Jul 18, 2012 11:14 AM EDT

Kim Sun Ah, Lee Jang Woo

Photos of Kim Sun Ah and Lee Jang Woo's date on MBC's Wednesday-Thursday drama 'I Do I Do' were revealed.

Continuing with last episode's deep kiss and the two becoming aware of each other's feelings as love, Kim Sun Ah and Lee Jang Woo have coordinated a couple look this time and walked the streets confidently enjoying their date.

In the revealed photos, Kim Sun Ah is seen trapped in Lee Jang Woo's large embrace eating ice cream and holding hands.

In particular, Kim Sun Ah is sporting a casual jean look, contrasting from her trademark chic and sophisticated look, and matching with Lee Jang Woo. Kim Sun Ah has also transformed her charisma into a cute, lovely image, surprising audiences with her 'reversal charm.'

Netizens reacted, "The two look like real lovers who are just beginning their love, cute! I'm jealous of Kim Sun Ah under Lee Jang Woo's arm!"

However, In the 14th episode aired on the 12th, Kim Sun Ah warned Lee Jang Woo that she had no thoughts on marriage, and made audiences curious as to what form of love the two's future will evolve into.

'Royal Couple' Kim Sun Ah and Lee Jang Woo's pink color date will be aired on the 18th.

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