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'Faith' Lee Min Ho, Perfect Body Guard But A Reversal Charm?

By Staff Writer | Jul 20, 2012 11:29 AM EDT


In the new upcoming SBS drama 'Faith' Lee Min Ho is planning to portray a reversal charm through his character Choi Young.

He is currently attracting the attention of the public because he is due to portray the manly role of Choi Young the perfect body guard but there is a reversal charm to his chararcter. The fact that his character is very lazy.

Choi Young is the handsome perfect body guard of the King but there is a secret wish that he wishes deep down. The wish is to leave the boring palace that he has to live in.

On top of that, his hobby is 'sleeping,' his special ability is 'being able to sleep for a long time.' He is able to sleep wherever he can lie down.

Everyone is anticipating exactly what type of character Lee Min Ho will be portraying in the upcoming drama 'Faith.'

Lee Min Ho has stated "Choi Young is very like a big adult. I felt it when I was just reading about him in the script. He isn't the character that show off how he feels so he's a character that is just difficult to portray in general. But I think as the story goes on the viewers will have an easy way of seeing how Choi Young is."

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