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[Spoiler Alert] 'Dr. Jin' Song Seung Hun and Park Min Young...Back To Present Day...'Happy Ending'

By Staff Writer | Aug 13, 2012 09:39 AM EDT

Dr. Jin

Park Min Young and Song Seung Hun have a happy ending in the MBC weekend drama 'Dr.Jin.'

In the MBC drama 'Dr. Jin' that aired on the 12th, Jin Hyuk(Song Seung Hun), that returned to the present day from ancient Korea, was seen proposing to Mi Na(Park Min Young).

In the last episode, Choon Hong(Lee So Yeon) who can see into the future said to Jin Hyuk, "In the world that you left, that person is already dead." She told him of her death, but Mi Na was miraculously alive.

The present day Mi Na said to Jin Hyuk after waking up, "I had a really long and weird dream. But to say that it's a dream, it was so real." She then called Jin Hyuk, 'Dr. Jin." Min Na said, "In my dream, I called you that. It's weird right? Even if I tell you, you wouldn't believe me." She talked as if she remembered the ancient Korea's Young Rae(Park Min Young) and shocked Jin Hyuk.

Not only Mi Na's memories, but Jin Hyuk who returned to present day had a changed situation. Jin Hyuk fell from the hospital's rooftop and went back into the past. In reality, Jin Hyuk disappeared from the hospital for a day and was found in Kanghwa. He then had two surgeries and woke up in 4 days.

The doctor who found him said, "The clothes you wore were really weird," and showed that he may have really had a time slip. In Jin Hyuk's head, there was a baby shaped tumor that was found. Jin Hyuk was then in a deeper confusion.

Before his time slip, Jin Hyuk performed surgery on a man with a baby shaped tumor in his head. He tried to block the patient from falling from the rooftop, and he then had a time slip. However, when he returned to reality, no one remembered that patient.

Jin Hyuk said, "Is this a different present day from the one I left? That patient may have been another me, in order to save ahgassi." This is what he thought, but he had no definite answer.

He saw that in the history book, that 'there was a woman doctor who surpassed ancient Korea's medical technology.' It was stated that it was someone with the last name Hong, and he thought it was Young Rae. He was then relieved, and he continued to live a happy life with Mi Na.

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