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'Faith' Ahn Jae Wook and Park Hwi Soon Make Special Appearances As 'Kim Hee Sun's Past Boyfriends'

By Staff Writer | Aug 14, 2012 10:05 AM EDT


Actor Ahn Jae Wook and comedian Park Hwi Soon appeared as the past men of actress Kim Hee Sun on the new SBS Monday Tuesday drama 'Faith.'

Ahn Jae Wook and Park Hwi Soon appeared on the first episode of 'Faith' that aired on the 13th. They were seen as Yoo Eun Soo (Kim Hee Sun)'s past boyfriends and made special appearances that gained interest.

Ahn Jae Wook appeared as the school senior, who kept taking money from the medical student Yoo Eun Soon. He even let her do his reports. But he ended up marrying a daughter from a rich family. He dated Yoo Eun Soo for 3 years and a half and left her with the words, "The girl's family said they would give me a hospital."

Yoo Eun Soo who became a plastic surgeon met with Park Hwi Soon who had abundant money. While Park Hwi Soon was being consulted for his plastic surgery, he gave Yoo Eun Soo a proposal ring. The two did not last very long. Yoo Eun Soo was talking with a fortune teller and said, "His face was really not good," and shook her head and made people laugh.

Meanwhile, 'Faith' is a romantic fantasy action drama with a modern female doctor, Yoo Eun Soo and Goryeo's general Choi Young. This is the drama that Kim Hee Sun makes a comeback in after 6 years.

Starting from the 13th, it will air every Monday and Tuesday for 12 weeks.

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