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Princess Noguk Park Se Young's Belly Button Shirt and Hot Pants

By Staff Writer | Sep 01, 2012 09:00 AM EDT

Park Se Young

Actress Park Se Young took off her princess clothing and wore instead a belly button shirt and hot pants, showing off a sexy charm.

As the model of the drink Coca Cola, Park Se Young participated in the filming for the commercial with 2PM. In the SBS drama 'Faith,' Park Se Young plays the role of Princess Noguk. For this commercial, she shed the princess image and showed off her slim body in her sexy shirt and shorts.

Her animated expression made her look even sexier. In the drama 'Faith,' Park Se Young plays the role of a "cold princess" that starts to love the king (Ryu Duk Hwan) and is attracting attention for her 180 degree change for this commercial.

Park Se Young's entertainment company 4HIM revealed, "Park Se Young had modeled for other commercials such as car, finance, restaurant, clothing, and tour commercials. We are happy that she is able to show her charm through the 30 second commercial and drama. She is able to show a different charm for each commercial and is now receiving many love calls for her ability."

On the other hand, she is currently participating in the drama 'Faith' which airs every Monday and Tuesday.

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