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Kim Ha Neul Talks About Why She Bought A Sports Car "A Certain Actress Made Me Want To Buy One"

By Staff Writer | Sep 18, 2012 09:27 AM EDT

Kim Ha Neul

Actress Kim Ha Neul revealed the reason for why she bought a sports car. 

Kim Ha Neul appeared in the SBS program 'Healing Camp,' on September 17th. The MCs asked her, "don't you ever invest in something for yourself?" Kim Ha Neul responded, "after 29 years, I bought a sports car for myself."

Kim Ha Neul stated, "before then, I bought a large car for my family, that either my dad or younger sibling will ride. One day, I was buying food at mall, and as I was waiting, I saw a female celebrity driving a sports car. I thought, 'why do I only do this, for my family...I want to change.' After then, I still drive around the sports car, and its nickname is 'Ggam Ggam.'"

Kim Ha Neul added, "with my ex-boyfriend, I drove around in the country roads. My ex-boyfriend drove around a sports car. Since I like nature, we opened the roof of the car and saw the stars in the sky. It looked like they were going to fall, there were a lot. It's so nice, 'but if I break up with my boyfriend, I can't ride in this car?' I wanted to do something like that alone. When I broke up with my boyfriend, instead of stopping what I like to do, I didn't want to lean on someone, but I wanted to rely on myself. I saw the stars alone, and I was happy."

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