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'To The Beautiful You' Minho and Sulli Take a Cute Picture Sticking Out Their Lips 'It Looks Like They Might End Up Kissing'

By Staff Writer | Sep 25, 2012 10:45 AM EDT

Sulli and Choi Mi Ho

Sulli and Choi Mi Ho revealed a 'cute couple' picture of themselves. 

Recently, Sulli and Min Ho have been showing a risky type of romance, in the SBS Wednesday Thursday drama 'To The Beautiful You,' that sent sweetness to the viewers. 

In the midst of that, Sulli and Choi Min Ho revealed two pictures that looked like a cute couple photo shoot. They both stuck their lips out, while looking into the camera. They were seen looking at each other, while smiling, showing a '2 level cuteness combination.' Their matching great visuals made people smile. 

In the picture, they both seemed very close to each other, which gave viewers hope for their future relationship in the drama. In the drama, they did not tell each other of their feelings, but in the picture they seem close. Sulli's feminine expressions and Min Ho's charms as a boyfriend is making viewers anticipate their sweet romance. 

Sulli and Minho's 'cute couple pictures,' were taking in Yongin, Gyeonggi-do, by a photographer. This picture was taken in the studio of Kim Woo Bin, who was a special guest. While they were taking a break from filming, they volunteered to take these couple pictures. It was stated that their cute images and poses brightened the filming set. 

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