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"Arang" Shin Min Ah Studies Her Script Whenever She Gets The Chance "Of Course"

By Staff Writer | Oct 03, 2012 09:55 AM EDT

Shin Min Ah intently studying her script

Shin Min Ah plays Arang in MBC's Wednesday-Thursday drama "Arang and the Magistrate". A still cut of her studying her script was revealed.

In the still, Shin Min Ah is seriously reading her script. While the staff set up for the shoot, during her break, during the bit of time she gets to fix her hair, Shin Min Ah looks at her script harder than anyone else. The staff members have been admiring her passion.

Through "Arang and the Magistrate", she is receiving positive review from the audience by perfectly becoming the character of Arang. This revealed still proves how passionate she is about her character.

The sad romance of Eun Oh (played by Lee Joon Gi) and Arang is reaching its peak and is making the viewers heavyhearted.

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