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So Ji Sup “Dating Publically Would Be Very Painful For The Girlfriend”

By Staff Writer | Oct 08, 2012 01:26 PM EDT


Actor So Ji Sup (age 34) talked about how he felt about dating and marriage.

So Ji Sup attended the 2012 Busan International Film Festival on the 6th and was interviewed by TV Daily. He said, "I would like to be married before I turn forty. However, just because I would like to get married doesn't mean it'll happen. I want to date, but it isn't easy."

So Ji Sup said, "It is not easy to meet people. If I meet with my girlfriend, it is uncomfortable to hold her hand in public because of my job as an actor. At first, everything is all good, but I start feeling more apologetic than anything because we can't do anything together."

He then went on to say, "Publically dating would be very painful for the girl so I would rather not do it. It would be okay if we ended up getting married, but if not, a stigma will always follow her. I don't want to burden her like that."

So Ji Sup explained, "Of course actors have to be able to act well, but they also have to be a model citizen and be smart. That's how people think of actors, but they also impose a lot of restrictions on them."

He confessed his problem, "Actors need to experience a lot of things, but there aren't a lot of things we are allowed to do. I believe that actors need to experience everything, but committing crimes. This is because we have to act out other people's lives. However, we are blocked from doing so in so many different ways. I need to experience a lot so that I can act from the heart, but I'm so empty that I have nothing to give. I want to run away when I can't act the way I want to."

So Ji Sup played heavy characters twice in a row with SBS drama, 'Ghost' and movie, 'A Company Man'. He also said, "I want to act out soft and comfortable characters now. I have done too many heavy roles. I believe my fans would want to see me in a romantic comedy."

So Ji Sup, Lee Mi Yeon, Lee Kyung Young, and ZE:A's Kim Dong Joon star in the movie, 'A Company Man', directed by Im Sang Yoon, produced by Shim Mi Ahn © and Show Box © Media Plus. The movie is about an assassinating company where So Ji Sup plays Ji Hyun Do, the section chief of sales department 2. He becomes the target of everybody in his company when he dreams of living a normal life. It premieres on October 11th.

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