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Song Seung Heon's Next Movie, 'Messenger,' "Fascinated By Historical Action"

By Staff Writer | Oct 12, 2012 08:40 AM EDT

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Song Seung Heon's Next Work, Movie 'Messenger,' "Fascinated By Historical Action"

Actor Song Seung Heon is confirmed to be in the movie titled 'Messenger,' as his next piece of work. 

Song Seung Heon's company, Storms Company stated on the October 12th, "Song Seung Heon is to act as a messenger, Moo Jin, who plays as an important role in the fate of the country, Goryeo Dynasty."

Actor Song Seung Heon said, "I read the script of the movie 'Messenger,' in one sitting, and it is filled with so much action and thrills. It has an interesting story line, and I selected to act as the character Moo Jin. It is a film that has speedy footage, it's a film to anticipate."

Recently, Song Seung Heon stated that he fell in love with historical dramas, after appearing as Dr.Jin in the MBC drama 'Dr.Jin.' After that statement, he chose another historical type of work and attracted attention. 

An official from his company said, "Song Seung Heon has already started training for the action filming, and he has been practicing how to use the sword and is learning how to ride the horse."

The movie 'Messenger,' is to start filming in December.

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