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‘Great Doctor’ Princess No Gook Is Pregnant, Foreshadows The Sad Ending For The Romance Of The Century

By Staff Writer | Oct 15, 2012 09:07 AM EDT

King Gong Min and Princess No Gook in 'Great Doctor'
(Photo : SBS 'Faith')

The romance of King Gong Min (played by Ryu Deok Hwan) and Princess No Gook (played by Park Se Young) will reach its climax with the princess's pregnancy.

News of Princess No Gook's pregnancy will be told in episode 19 of SBS Monday-Tuesday drama 'Great Doctor'. In episode 18, King Gong Min worried because of the clash with Yuan, Princess No Gook's country. However, the princess said to him, "The name of the country matters not. I am satisfied with being in place where my husband can sleep peacefully every night."

On the 15th, in episode 19, although King Gong Min was burdened emotionally, his loving feelings for the princess burst out with the news of her pregnancy. They came to cherish their feelings for each other even more with the news.

Before they knew it, the king and princess had become a real couple as they learned to embrace the other. At the news of her pregnancy, they reach the peak of their happiness. Since this foreshadows the painful romance yet to come, their happiness makes it bittersweet for the viewers. This is because Princess No Gook's death is recorded in history.

A representative of 'Great Doctor' said, "This week, King Gong Min and Princess No Gook plan on warming the hearts of the viewers as they will receive news of her pregnancy and just be the lovely couple that they are. I hope people will anticipate Ryu Deok Hwan and Park Se Young's detailed acting as the deeply happy King Gong Min and Princess No Gook."

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