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Kim So Yeon “I Want To Film ‘We Got Married’ With Big Bang’s TOP”

By Staff Writer | Oct 24, 2012 09:12 AM EDT

Kim So Yeon on SBS 'Strong Heart'
(Photo : SBS 'Strong Heart')

Actress Kim So Yeon expressed her good feelings towards Big Bang's TOP.

On the 23rd, Kim So Yeon was a guest on SBS 'Strong Heart'. When MC Lee Dong Wook asked her if she wanted to participate in 'We Got Married', she brightly said, "I think it would be fun."

Lee Dong Wook proceeded to ask her, "Then who do you want to film the show with?" so she answered, "I want to film it with TOP."

Kim So Yeon had previously worked with TOP for the drama 'Iris'.

Kim So Yeon said, "When I heard that TOP came to the Busan International Film Festival, I thought to myself, 'Ah, so he's here.' I didn't get to see him until the party. A lot of other female celebrities were staring at him, but I just went up to him to greet him and said hello."

She then said, "But the music was so loud at the party that TOP said, 'Noona, you came?' speaking into my ear to greet me. I was very grateful. He helped me look good in front of the other actresses," making the people on set laugh.

Kim So Yeon attracted attention during the episode because she confessed that she had once liked a co-star while filming a drama.

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