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“School 2013” Park Heung Soo asked Go Nam Soon To Stop Being Sorry.

By Staff Writer | Jan 22, 2013 04:43 PM EST

Park Heung Soo asked Go Nam Soon To Stop Being Sorry.

On the 15th episode aired on January 22nd, Nam Soon went to pick Park Heung Soo at the police station, where he was held after being wrongly accused of stealing a phone at school. Nam Soon asked Park Heung Soo to go eat ramyun with him because he had something to say.

When they were at Go Nam Soon's house Park Heung Soo asked Go Nam Soon was was it that he wasted to say.
Go Nam Soon asked, “How recklessly have you lived? Why did you live like that?” Park Heung Soo replied “Because I thought there was going to be another person like you”

Go Nam Soon said, “Why if you found another person like this, would you beat him up?” Park Heung Soo answered, “It was to mend my broken heart.”

Go Nam Soon with tears in his eyes could only called him idiot and said “All that you went through”, Park Heung Soo replied, “and you went through nothing? Have you been able to talk to someone and say that your heart hurt?”

They were both crying and that is when Park Heung So asked Go Nam Soon to stop feeling sorry for him, since both of them went through a lot pain after their separation. They both are trying to mend their friendship.

The last episode “School 2013” will be aired on January 28th, on KBS2

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