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"Incarnation of Money" Hwang Jung Eum Goes Under The Mask To Have Full Body Surgery From Being Rejected By A Man

By Staff Writer | Feb 18, 2013 08:54 AM EST

Hwang Jung Eum decides to undergo a full body surgery in the drama "Incarnation of Money."

Hwang Jung Eum decides to undergo a full body surgery in the drama "Incarnation of Money."

During the 5th episode of SBS weekend drama "Incarnation of Money" that aired on February 16th, Bok Jae In (Hwang Jung Eum) was deeply scarred by Lee Cha Don (Kang Ji Hwan) when she found out that she was being used by him. From the pain he caused her, she decided that she would become prettier with a full body plastic surgery.

Bok Hwa Sool told his daughter Bok Jae In, "I heard that the guy you were dating before is a con artist. What did I say? Before you lose weight, no guy will see you as a girl." After hearing those harsh statements from her own father, she ran away with his money.

Right then and there, she left to go to a plastic surgery hospital. Bok Jae In explain to the doctor, "whole body surgery, pills, diet, exercise, I'll do it all. I'll give you all the money you ask for. You just have to make me the prettiest person to exist in the world."

Book Hwa Sool later found a note that his daughter Bok Jae In wrote. It read, "mom forcefully made me overwork, so the money that I took is rightfully mine." Bok Hwa Sool grew angry and said, "call the police this instant. I'll make her eat rice with beans and make her lose weight that way." At that very moment, Bok Jae In was undergoing plastic surgery.

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