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'Bluebird House' Lee Joon Hyuk Confesses About Family To Um Hyun Kyung

BY C Han | Mar 31, 2015 08:50 PM EDT


In "Bluebird House" Lee Joon Hyuk and Um Hyun Kyung got very close.

On the 11th episode of KBS 2TV weekend drama "Bluebird House" (script Choi Hyun Kyung, director Ji Byung Hyun) broadcast on Mar. 28th, Mi Jin (played by Um Hyun Kyung) got slowly closer to Ji Wan (played by Lee Joon Hyuk), her work subordinate.

Ji Wan had taken his work colleague Mi Jin home the night before.  Though she had been drunk and caused all havoc, Ji Wan pretended that nothing happened and then ate a meal together.  At this moment, Ji Wan confessed that he actually did not have a father.  At this meal, Mi Jin and Ji Wan had a private conversation and got a step closer.  As this showed a very different side of Mi Jin, it will be interesting to see how the plot will unfold in a possible romance between the two.

Meanwhile, the new weekend drama "Bluebird House" features themes that are real in our society.  It features the younger generation who are having trouble with employment and are therefore giving up their dreams because of reality.  It also features the parents of the younger generation as they face problems with retirement, resignation, and struggles between two families intertwined in greed and money.

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