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Lee Kwang Soo Becomes The Next “Asia Prince”

By Staff Writer | Feb 26, 2013 09:32 AM EST

Actor Lee Kwang Soo has become really popular in Asia.

On the recent episodes of the SBS show “Running Man,” that were aired on February 16 & 23, the cast went to Macau and Vietnam and the actor was the most popular member among fans.

Many of the fans who gathered around the places where their missions took place, were Lee Kwang Soo fans. They cheered for him, prepared posters and gifts, and even dressed as a giraffe (his nickname in the show).

The actor has gained the fans' love by the way he acts in the show. He show a really comedic role in the show, making funny faces, doing embarrassing but hilarious dances, and usually betraying the ones around him, therefore he also is nicknamed the “icon of betrayal.”

He's usually in the “happy virus” that bring laughter not only to fans, but to the “Running Man” cast and crew.

Lee Kwang Soo is usually very good with fan service. Whenever he sees fans in Korea as well as overseas, he always says hi to them, and even performs dances to them. Fans reciprocate his love, by chanting his name when he is on a mission, to support him.

But Lee Kwang Soo is not all comedy, he is also a very talented actor who have acted in many movies, and have appeared in a few dramas too.

For 2013, the actor have cast in 2 movies, and is currently reviewing his next drama.

Netizens commented about Lee Kwang Soo saying, "He truly is the next Asia prince." "He is really funny." "I was surprise by his popularity." "He is a really great person." and more.

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