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Song Ji Hyo Asks Gary If He is Interested in Dating Her

By Staff Writer | Mar 05, 2013 04:56 PM EST


Actress Song Ji Hyo and rapper Gary keep their love line alive in “Running Man”

On the recent episode of the show aired on March 3rd, Song Ji Hyo and Gary talked about dating.

In one of the mission of the show, Song Ji Hyo and gary ended up sitting next to each, Gary could not hide his happiness and said, “So we end up sitting next to each other.”

The mission was “Alarm Question” in which one cast mate will ask a question, and the other had to answer before the alarm rang.

As part of the mission, Ji Suk Jin asked Song Ji Hyo if she ever thought about dating Gary, she answered, “I will answer that later.” and asked Gary the same question, Gary however pushed it and said, “don't think about next time, answer O or X right now.”

Song Ji Hyo said, “I'll think about if you get me a three carat diamond ring” she was referring to the diamond ring they saw at store when they were in Macau, however, Song Ji Hyo's time was over, and she was out of the game.

On this episode, Chinese mega star Jackie Chan, and Super Junior's Siwon were the guests.

Meanwhile, the actress is currently filming for her new KBS drama “Heaven's order” starring alongside Kim Dong Wook.

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