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Will AOA's Seol Hyun Seduce Yeo Jin Goo In 'Orange Marmalde?"

BY Julie Jones | May 07, 2015 12:10 PM EDT

Orange Marmalade

The latest stills of the upcoming drama "Orange Marmalade" show AOA's Kim Seol Hyun seductively gazing at and touching teen actor Yeo Jin Goo. Does that mean there will be a seduction scene in this vampire drama?

Vampire dramas do usually feature some kind of seduction scene although the undead seducer is usually after blood rather than romance.

But the relationship could be different in "Orange Marmalade." In the KBS drama vampires mostly just want to be left alone. When people learn they are undead they tend to get treated badly.

Based on a Naver webtoon of the same name, "Orange Marmalade" focuses on a fantasy world where humans and vampires co-exist. While the vampires have learned to suppress their lust for blood and can manage to live without killing humans, they are considered second-class citizens. As a result many vampires try to blend in and pretend to be human to avoid discrimination.

Kim Seol Hyun, 20, plays Baek Ma Ri, a shy teen successfully hiding her vampire identity. After being cast out of several other neighborhoods, she just wants to live quietly, enjoying the same rights as everyone else. But when she accidentally bites the neck of the most popular boy in school, played by 17-year-old actor Yeo Jin Goo, her identity is no longer a secret. Will he tell everyone at school? Or will the two form a bond against everyone else that ultimately changes the way people perceive vampires?

Kim Seol Hyun, who last played Lee Min Ho's stepsister in "Gangnam Blues," makes a very pretty vampire so she is sure to win some hearts in this story. And she may, with any luck, turn her accidental victim into a boyfriend.

Yeo Jin Goo, last seen in the drama "Potato Star 2013QR3," plays Jung Jae Min, the popular boy she mistakenly bites. CNBLUE's Lee Jong Hyun, last seen in the web drama "One Sunny Day," may round out the love triangle by playing the character Han Shi Hoo.

The drama also stars Kang Han Byul, who played the young Lee Seung Gi in "King 2 Hearts," Song Jong Ho, who currently plays a doctor in "The Girl Who Sees Smells" and Lee Il Hwa, who has appeared in dozens of dramas including "Doctor Stranger" and "Modern Farmer."

The 16-episode, Friday-Saturday night drama begins on May 15.



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