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"Incarnation (Strong Heart 2)" Why Kim Hee Sun is Beautiful Even When She's a Mess

By Staff Writer | Mar 07, 2013 11:13 AM EST

“Hwashin” Why Kim Hee Sun is Beautiful Even When She’s a Mess
(Photo : SBS) “Hwashin” Why Kim Hee Sun is Beautiful Even When She’s a Mess

Through her talk show, "Incarnation (Strong Heart 2)" Kim Hee Sun is letting herself open up to her viewers more.

In an episode of the SBS talk show that aired March 5, Kim Hee Sun let go of her image as an actress and revealed some personal stories. Kim Hee Sun revealed her life as a top A-star and what it's like to attend red carpet events and how people behave towards her.

Kim Hee Sun reenacted her fake smiles she puts on at red carpet events with Park Ji Young. She also revealed her concern for the younger generation of popular Korean celebrities. She also expressed her love for idols and showed viewers how she messes up her hair when she hesitates.

When her guest Hwang Kwang Hee said, "Im Shi Wan said I'm his rival", Kim Hee Sun angrily replies, "Who said who is a rival? I think you're the only one thinking that."

Also, Kim Hee Sun stated, "I'm close to Song Hye Kyo" but couldn't control the expression on her face. In the past, she had to smile it off when people compared her to other actresses but now that she has let everything go, she could reveal her true feelings.

When Kim Hee Sun commented, "I think Kwang Hee is still mad. I can be cool when I have to. I'm close to her (Song Hye Kyo)." She even sent Song Hye Kyo a message saying, "Hye Kyo, I'm really enjoying your drama. We even go to the same salon together. Visit as a guest if we're close."

Even when the talk becomes rated R, Kim Hee Sun participates in the conversation and has been revealing a new confident side of her that is making everybody fall in love.

Through her role as an MC in "Incarnation (Strong Heart 2)", Kim Hee Sun is becoming more and more popular.

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