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Park Shi Hoo "American Version of His Case: Guilty Verdict"

By Staff Writer | Mar 18, 2013 05:12 PM EDT

Park Shi Hoo is no longer a nominee for the 49th Baeksang Awards.

Stardom, alcohol, drugs, sex, and social media...

"I remember leaving the party with a guy helping me up. I think there were drugs in the alcohol." Vs "We liked each other at the party so we went to bed together. She's trying to publicly embarrass us because we're football stars."

In the midst of the very public lawsuit involving Park Shi Hoo, the American version of the rape case came to an end yesterday March 17. The "victim" won the case in Steubenville, Ohio.

Two male high school students were found guilty of raping a student from the same high school. March 17, Trent Mason (17) and Ma'lik Richmond (16) were found charged with rape and will serve at least one year or five year maximum in a juvenile detention center.

The lives of two high school football stars who dreamed of becoming multimillion professional football stars were ruined last August when they had sexual intercourse with a female student after drinking at a party.

Few days later, the victim heard rumors that indecent photos of her were floating around on the internet and panicked.

When she found out the rumors were true, she decided to file a lawsuit against 5 male students who were at the party for rape, sexual harassment and slander.

Police stated that one student had sexual intercourse in the back of a car and another in the basement of a house. However, these students stated that the victim agreed on the acts. They also mentioned that she did drink at the party but she was fine during the acts.

The victim however, claimed that she was lying on a bed in a strange house and all of her belonging were gone including her clothes.

Trials for this case were more than surprising. The victim's close girlfriends made statements that she lies very often in general and drinks a lot very occasionally.

One friend revealed that the victim had sworn that she did not have any sexual intercourse but few days later, she changed her story and said that she doesn't remember anything. Her friends even stated that she wanted to take the scandalous photos.

The court ruled that the boys are guilty. Two crucial factors that led to the decision was the fact that two males are involved and that they posted her photos on social networking sites.

It has been suggested that the court gave in to the outside pressures. It has been reported that Steubenville citizens and feminist groups constantly showed up at the city hall as well as the court to request punishment for those who ruined the reputation of their town.

New York Times also suggested a possibility that the police are hiding something crucial to the case in order to protect the honor and the reputation of the town.

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