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Gary and Song Ji Hyo Play the Pepero Game on “Running Man”

By Staff Writer | Mar 18, 2013 11:51 AM EDT

Gary and song Ji Hyo made viewers hearts skip a beat.

On the latest episode of “Running Man” aired on March 17th, Kang Gary and Song Ji Hyo had complete a mission, that make them come really close.

On this episode, featured guests Noh Sa Yeon, and After School‘s UEE, and had the theme of the three princesses making their dumb husbands into decent men.

The casts spread in three teams and embarked in many missions to collect the most name tags possible, that will eventually helped them in the final round.

One of the missions of the episode, was to cut a pepero chocolate stick extremely short. This usually called the pepero game and its usually done by lovers.

it was a surprise, the Monday couple played the game. Gary slowly started going towards Song Ji Hyo first, and as he was approaching her, he held her head and Song Ji Hyo got surprised and stepped back.

Gary said, “Can we just do this privately. I know we can win this.” showing a shy face.

They tried again, and came really close to each other, and this time they were able to complete the mission.

Netizens who saw the funny mission said, “I love the Monday couple” “Gary seems like he was a little embarrassed.” “They just date” “Is Monday couple coming back?” and more.

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