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Kdrama Couple: Eugene and Ki Tae Young

BY Joan MacDonald | May 01, 2013 03:03 PM EDT

Eugene and Ki Tae Young

When singer-turned-actress Eugene and her actor Ki Tae Young first met, it wasn't exactly love at first sight.

"When we first met," said Eugene a.k.a. Kim Yoo Jin. "I had no idea we would develop feelings for each other."

"Before filming the drama, I didn't really know who she was," said Ki.

Eugene, a former member of the girl group S.E.S. met Ki in 2009 while filming the drama, "Creating Destiny." In that drama, Eugene played Han Sang Eun and Ki played the boy her father wanted her to marry. Even so, their romantic destiny was not obvious at first.

"He seemed like a really cold guy, with a lot of walls up," she said. "But I knew we had to be friendly for the sake of the drama, so I approached him first."

Dating rumors began while they were filming the drama but they were just exchanging friendly texts. If it was not for the rumors, they might never have gotten closer.

 "The scandal inevitably got us talking and we naturally began dating," said Eugene who plays Min Chae Won in the 2013 drama, "A Hundred Year Legacy."

Ki, who is naturally shy, took a while to warm to Eugene but when he did, he fell in love.

"As the filming came to a close, I realized that she was different from most people and saw the world with a pure heart and I developed close feelings for her," said Ki, who recently played Doctor Jang Min Woo in "To The Beautiful You."

At first, not being able to date publicly made it difficult for them to see each other, but from the beginning they were serious about their commitment.

They finally married in July 2011 at Seoul Central Church, taking their three-week honeymoon in Europe. Eugene's wedding pictures included photos of her in white wedding dress and also in a hanbok, a traditional Korean dress.

They have now been married for almost four years and hope to have three or four children. What's the secret of their success?

"I believe you have to have mutual respect for each other," said Ki. "Couples usually fight because you insist on your point of view and try to change your partner's personality. I told Eugene that we each have to compromise. Each of us has to give in a little. We have to meet half way."

Romantic gestures help too. Ki occasionally reminds his wife that he loves her by doing something sweet and romantic like baking her a pink cake with her name on it.

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