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Lee Hong Ki’s “Wife” Stands By Him At Press Conference

BY Joan MacDonald | May 08, 2013 01:36 PM EDT

Lee Hong Ki and Fuji Mina

Lee Hong Ki's "wife" was on hand to support her pretend "husband" at the recent press conference for his debut film, "Passionate Goodbye."

He was pleased that his "We Got Married: Global Edition" wife, Fuji Mina showed up and she was impressed by what she saw.

 "I watched the clip of "Passionate Goodbye" today and felt very touched," said Mina, who presented Hong Ki with flowers.

Lee however, was not as pleased with his own performance. The FT Island singer, who played Jeremy in "You're Beautiful," saw the film and noted some scenes that he could have done better. He decided to grade himself, scoring a half-hearted five out of ten points.

 "I think I was lacking a little bit of focus, so that was a bit upsetting," he said.

His co-star, Shim Yi Young and his director, Nam Teak Soo, disagreed.

"Lee Hong Gi can get very distracted," said Shim. "When we're resting, he'll either chat continuously or play games. But when filming begins, he becomes completely focused, like nothing happened, and that was very moving to see."

Nam had nothing but praise for the young actor. He pointed out that Lee's musical talents were an important part of the movie. The 23-year-old actor played all five instruments that are played by the film's band.

 "Passionate Goodbye" is the story of troubled idol. His troublemaking results in him performing community service at a hospice. There he must interact with terminally ill patients and this experience changes him for the better. While the actor says playing a troublemaker came naturally to him, he admits that he could have paid better attention to other aspects of filmmaking.

"Because it was my first time filming a movie, I think I was unaware of a lot of things," said Lee. "Because I had a lot of time and got close with everyone, I was just excited. I regret that I lacked concentration."

The film will premiere in Korea on May 30 and in Japan in June.

Fans, who wish the actors were a real-life couple, noted that Fui Mina and Lee Hong Ki were still wearing their "We Got Married" rings at the press conference. They also noted her footwear. Since Lee recently said on "We Got Married: that he does not like Mina wearing heels, fans noted that she was wearing flats. Or was that just a coincidence? To be sure, fans will have to wait and see if Mina attends the film's premiere and they will take note of what she's wearing.

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