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Kim Jae Won Protective Of New Wife

BY Joan MacDonald | Jul 01, 2013 09:39 AM EDT

Kim Jae Won

Kim Jae Won's weekend wedding showed once again how protective he is of his non-celebrity wife. Although little is known about his wife, they were actually childhood friends and only started dating last October.

His wife, who is three months pregnant, is said to be beautiful, although no pictures of her were included among the wedding photos.

"She's innocent, reserved, has many wonderful feminine qualities and is understanding about the nature of my job," said Kim when he originally announced his wedding plans.

Kim, who starred in the drama "May Queen" and appears in the new drama, "Scandal," attended the pre-ceremony press conference without his bride. At the conference he stressed how happy he was to be getting married and how thrilled he was about having a baby.

"My wife is my best friend and without even trying we always seem to think in a similar way," said Kim. "That's why she is the person I want to spend my life with. Even if we face difficulties in the future, I know she will be caring and considerate."

Kim's evening wedding was held in Seoul's Gangnam district and officiated by a minister from his church. His 700 guests included many of the actors he served in the army with. The emcee for the first part of the ceremony was actor Lee Dong Wook. Comedian Yang Se Yung hosted the second part. Also attending were actor Ji Sung, who rumors say will also soon marry, Jung Joon Ho, Kim Min Jong, Park Eun Hye and Hwang Jung Eum, who caught the bouquet.

At the press conference Kim added that he was eager to start a family of his own.
"Raising your family with the love you received from your parents is a sure way to happiness," said Kim. "I feel like I'm starting my life over. I've had many experiences before this that helped shape my personality and made me think it would be okay to start a family."

All he would add about his bride-to-be was that he thought he should not wander any longer.

"I needed someone to rely on and I hope my wife will be just that always," he said.

 The One, Park Hyo Shin and Dynamic Duo performed at the wedding.

The couple's honeymoon has been postponed due to Kim's shooting schedule for "Scandal." They will live in Kim's home.

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