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Park Shin Hye Is Praised For Her Dedication To Family

BY Adrienne Stanley | Sep 27, 2015 02:11 PM EDT

Chuseok marks a time of the year where celebrities rejoin their families and Korean television analyzes the figures who exceed societal expectations of filial responsibility. Park Shin Hye was praised for her commitment to family, during a recent broadcast of "Section TV."  

On September 27, the Korea Herald's Review Star published an article highlighting key points from the segment.I

The "Pinocchio" star was noted as a notable figure who exceeds normal expectations of dedication to her family. 

Park is well regarded as a celebrity who provided her family with a restaurant, which continues to thrive, thanks to her participation in the business. 

"Park Shin Hye presented her parents with a lifetime job," said the host for 'Section TV.' "She directly offered to open the shop."

The report published by Review Star commended the popular actress for her on-going filial actions, which began when she was 10-years-old.  When she is not working, she has been known to visit the shop with her friends and other prominent figures in Korean entertainment. 

"She reportedly comes to help her parents at the store, every time she is visiting," said the reporter for Review Star. 

Her positive attitude towards her family has been well received by directors and her co-stars. During a July 2015 interview with KDramaStars, "The Royal Tailor" director Lee Won Suk, revealed his thoughts her work ethic and willingness to pitch in with her family.

"She is such a hard worker, even at the restaurant her family owns," said Lee. "Imagine visiting her restaurant and Park Shin Hye is cooking barbeque at your table."

The 25-year-old actress recently received accolades for her guest appearances on "Three Meals a Day," due to her ability to take on large scale cooking projects and positive attitude towards difficult tasks. 

Park debuted as a child actor in the hit 2003 melodrama, "Stairway to Heaven." The followed with roles in several other series before experiencing her breakout role in the 2009 idol drama, "You're Beautiful." Her other notable roles include her portrayal Cha Eun Sung in "The Heirs" and her recent turn as Choi In Ha in "Pinocchio." 


Adrienne Stanley is a contributing editor at KDramastars. She is also a contributing music writer at Kpopstarz, MTV Iggy and other publications. When she is not listening to "We Like 2 Party," she can be found on Twitter. (@retrogirladdy).

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