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K-Drama Stars That Celebrate October Birthdays

BY Julie Jones | Oct 01, 2015 07:16 AM EDT

Song Seung Hoon
(Photo : KDramaStars)

If your birthday is in October, you may share your special date with a k-celeb. Will you share a celebration with Song Seug Hoon? Yoo Ah In? Or Suzy Bae? Quite a few k-celebs will blow out the birthday candles this month. Here's what they are up to

Oct. 1: In 2014 Kam Woo Sung played the man that won Sooyoung's heart  in the drama "Spring Days." This year he was considering the role of Lee Young Ae's man in the upcoming drama "Saimdang: The Herstory." But the role ultimately went to Song Seung Hoon, who also has a birthday in October.

Oct. 3: Yoon Eun Hye has not done a drama since the 2013 "Marry Him If You Dare." Last year she did shoot a movie "After Love" with Park Shi Hoo. And she appeared in the film "Chronicle of a Blood Merchant."

Oct. 5: Song Seung Hoon will celebrate his birthday on Oct. 5. In 2014, Song starred the film "Obsessed" and the Chinese film "Third Way of Love." He can be seen in the comedy "Wonderful Nightmare" with Uhm Jung Hwa and will soon begin preparations for his role in the saeguk "Saimdang: The Herstory."

Oc. 6:  Yoo Ah In might easily be called the actor of the moment. He plays the tragic Crown Prince Sado in "The Throne," which is ruling the box office, and he also appears as a corrupt millionaire in "Veteran."  He will soon be seen in the drama "Six Flying Dragons" with Shin Se Kyung. Last year he won critical praise for his role in the drama "A Secret Love Affair." He turns 29 this year.

Oct. 10: miss A's Suzy Bae hasn't had a leading drama role since "Gu Family Book," although she did have a cameo in "You Who Came From The Stars." But she does have a small screen role in her future. She will appear in the drama "Carelessly Affectionate" with Kim Woo Bin, who co-starred in "The Heirs" with her real-life boyfriend Lee Min Ho.

Oct. 11: Commedienne Kim Seul Gi followed her performance in the romantic comedy "Discovery of Love,"  with a hilarious turn as a virgin ghost in "Oh My Ghostess." This popular cast member of "Saturday Night Live Korea" turns 24 this year.

Kim Seul Gi shares her birthday with actress Bae Doona who turns 36 this year. Bae appeared in the space opera "Jupiter Ascending" and the American sci-fi series "Sense8." She also appeared in a 90-minute web film directed by her brother Bae Doo Han.

Oct 23: Seo In Guk  was busy in 2014 with roles in "High School King of Savvy" and "The King's Face." In 2015 he played a genius profiler in "Hello Monster."

Oct. 24: After her successful supporting role as Lee Min Ho's ex in "The Heirs," Krystal Jung snagged a leading role in the drama "My Lovable Girl," co-starring Rain and Infinite's L. This year the f(x) singer stars in a 10-minute film titled "Listen To My Song" with actor Seo Jun Young.

Oct. 30: Jun Ji Hyun earned plenty of endorsement deals following her starring role in "You Who Came From The Stars." In 2015, she played a sniper teaming up with independence fighters in the film "Assassination."  In July her agency announced that Jun was expecting her first child.

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