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Spine-Tingling Preview For Ghostly New Drama "Who Are You?"

BY Joan MacDonald | Jul 16, 2013 12:05 PM EDT

"Who Are You?"

Kdrama writers are really clever at coming up with inventive love triangles but the upcoming drama “Who Are You?” starring 2PM’s Taecyeon, Kim Jae Wook and actress So E Hyun takes complicated three-party relationships to a whole new level.
In this drama, So E Hyun plays Si On, a woman who was involved in a car crash and lost her memory. In place of her memory, she now has the ability to see ghosts, including the ghost of her boyfriend who died in the same accident. And he does not seem ready to break up with her.
A new trailer for the drama shows Kim Jae Wook playing her dead boyfriend looking as if he drowned in some very cold slimy water. It’s hard to make an actor that attractive look like someone to avoid but the trailer does a very convincing job.
When you compare his cold dead specter to the living breathing Taecyeon, he looks even worse. But how do you leave a boyfriend you loved behind, even when he’s only a ghost? If he is still visiting you and you are dating someone else, is it cheating?
The person she might be dating is her detective boss, Gun Woo, played by Taecyeon. Gun Woo is a man who does not believe in ghosts, so she has to convince him that they are real.
Once So E Hyun manages to convince Taecyeon, the two detectives can help the unsettled spirits who appear before her. Through their shared experiences the two will draw closer together and develop a relationship.
Will the dead boyfriend be jealous?
“The romance between this woman who sees spirits and a man who doesn’t properly value the human spirit will be very different from anything you have seen,” said producer Lee Min Jin. “It’s going to be a new genre with plenty of heartwarming moments when the leads try to aid the spirits.”
The cast for this drama has plenty of chemistry. In the past all of the actors have delivered great performances. So E. Hyun’s last role was the social climbing wife in “Cheomdamdung Alice.” Taecyeon’s last role was in “Dream High.” Kim Jae Wook recently finished his two years of compulsory military service. Before that he appeared in the drama “Mary Stayed Out All Night” and the film “Antique Bakery.”

The series will air after "Dating Agency: Cyrano." Check out the new trailer for a glimpse of the supernatural love triangle.

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