Jan 11, 2016 | 12:38 PM EST

EXO's D.O. Will Lend His Voice To The Animated Film 'Underdog'

BY Adrienne Stanley

EXO's D.O (Do Kyung Soo) will lead the cast of voice actors in the feature-length animated film, "Underdog." 

On January 11, the Korean outlet Joins confirmed the role of the popular acting idol in the children's movie, which is slated to premiere in 2017.

D.O. will portray Moongchi, a stray dog who is separated from his owner. Disenchanted by his abandonment, Moongchi embarks on an adventure to discover a realm devoid of humans, leading a pack of other dogs along the way. 

 "Underdog" is described as an inspirational film, centered on themes of self-discovery and freedom, as the group of young canines attempts to find their place in the world, apart from serving as companions to humans. 

Actress Park So Dam (Because It's The First Time, The Throne) is Jjangah, a fellow stray, who joins Moongchi. 

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Park Chul Min (The Magician) rounds out the central cast of voice actors as Bamyi. 

"Underdog" is scheduled to begin filming in January 2016, with co-directors Oh Sung Yoon (Leafie: A Hen in the Wild) and Lee Chun Baik, at the helm of the project.

D.O. continues to test his range as an emerging actor, with two high-profile movies premiering in 2016.

He leads the cast of the coming-of-age film, "Pure Love," as Beom Sil, a pure-hearted youth who is enthralled with Soo Ok (Kim So Hyun), a girl who is jaded by past relationships. Their innocent love is revealed through a letter that is read during a radio broadcast, 23-years in the future. 

"Pure Love" premieres in February 2016. 

The EXO star recently wrapped his second major film in the past year titled "Hyung" or "Older Brother." He portrays Doo Young, a rising judo athlete who practices under the tutelage of Lee Soo Hyung (Park Shin  Hye). 

Jo Jung Suk (Oh My Ghost) is Doo Sik, his older brother who spent 15 years within the penal system as an ex-con.

Meanwhile, D.O. celebrates his 23rd birthday on January 12. 

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