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Drama Review 'The Legend of the Blue Sea' Episode 9

BY HanCinema | Dec 15, 2016 04:44 AM EST


Sometimes all a man needs in life is the steadfast presence of someone who doesn't leave when the going gets tough. For Joon-jae, a man who was abandoned by his family in his youth, the unwavering devotion of mermaid Cheong gives him the strength to get through the tough times.

Those tough times include run-ins with his father, clairvoyant dreams, and a very real fear of the murderer on the loose. The first of those three, the run-ins with his father, run two-fold in meaning. Firstly, he was hurt by his father who seems oblivious to his son's paid. Secondly, the father is obviously sick with something dangerous and that will probably bring father and son together at some point in the future. The clairvoyant dreams are what finally give this drama a kick in the pants. It was stagnating until Dam-ryeong decided to get in touch with his future incarnation to warn him of the dangers to Cheong. The desperate connection gives the mystery the charge it needed. That mystery involves the murderer who has been hired by Joon-jae's stepmother to keep tabs on him and help her acquire Joon-jae's inheritance. I would also argue that the mystery also revolves around where Joon-jae's mother went and why she separated from his father.

Romance also heats up as Joon-jae falls head-over-heels for the devoted Cheong. In her eyes he does no wrong, but this episode hints at a huge break once she finds out he's a conman. She dislikes deceiving others. Part of that is because mermaids don't like - they communicate telepathically. This brings me to another question: what happened to her mermaid-on-land side effects?

I'm most looking forward to seeing how Dam-ryeong and Joon-jae connect and the revelation of the fact that Cheong is in fact a mermaid. Until, I must wonder why Cheong just won't tell him she's a mermaid. I'm sure she has her mermaid-y reasons.


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