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Drama Review 'Whisper' Episode 6

BY HanCinema | Apr 12, 2017 05:28 AM EDT


With the addition of time to the list of everything going against Yeong-joo's efforts in "Whisper", our heroine is stuck in limbo as our antagonists play their little games. Il-hwan wants to cut Yoo-taek off from Taebaek, but his frienemy has quite the hefty request in return. Meanwhile Jeong-il and Soo-yeon are trapped between their families and rely on a very important document, which becomes an item currently desired by all.

There is a slight development happening in this episode with characters mostly left blank so far. It is not much, but I will take what I can get in a series I find lacking. Yeong-joo's (Lee Bo-young) parents have their moments and I love the line about believing in justice and a fair world being a superstition. It is a very real, very gut-wrenching thing to hear from someone who has lost all hope in the systems which are supposed to protect them.

Soo-yeon (Park Se-yeong) is also somewhat of a hidden star here. I am not satisfied with the acting of the three leads aside from Lee Bo-young, but Soo-yeon is the villain closest to being enjoyable. She is cunning and truly remorseless, a main antagonist more dangerous than her beau or her bitter father. It is a shame that the series presents her as slow-witted at times, but she is still better than most such "heiress in love" characters.

On the other hand, Dong-joon (Lee Sang-yoon) wants others to stop him from being bad while lacking conviction himself. There is potential in such a pathetic character, as their journey can be appealing. Viewers want to see Dong-joon let go of the shackles he willingly put on, because as heavy as handcuffs are, perpetuating injustice is a much bigger weight to carry. His change of heart might be sudden, but his wish to not create another person like him is believable.

Yeong Joo's despair is also understandable, but nonsensical writing sullies it. Burning the only item which could keep her family safe in the long run and which can take down her enemies is just irrational. Copies can be made and its burning can be faked for people who would not necessarily believe her anyway. She is a detective, so I can only see this lapse of judgement as a plot-serving flaw.

I really do want to like "Whisper" for what it is, but I wish the characters' innermost thoughts, feelings and some of their bigger actions carried more weight and were better developed. The motivations behind them make sense, but I wish more attention were paid to the execution, given that they are the meatiest part of this series. The acting may leave a lot to be desired, but the writing is not helping its cast.

"Whisper" is directed by Lee Myeong-woo, written by Park Kyeong-soo and features Lee Bo-youngLee Sang-yoonKwon Yul and Park Se-yeong.


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