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'Aurora' After 'Shining Romance' As Poster is Released

BY Staff Reporter | Dec 19, 2013 09:49 PM EST


MBC new daily drama "Shining Romance" (script Suh Hyun Joo, director Shin Hyun Chang, Jung Ji In)'s main poster was released on December 19th.

In the poster, the three youngsters are looking at the sky as if dreaming.  Actors Lee Jin, Park Yoon Jae, and Jo Ann are each dreaming their own romance and showing joyous smiles.

The main copy stating "You who crossed the darkness" shows a sense of missing and longing for each other" and also contains the feeling, "I'll also engage in a shining romance."

On November 29th, the poster filming was held at the Goyang MBC Dream Center in Kyeonggi Province and Lee Jin, Park Yoon Jae, and Joann were free-spirited in a Bohemian style and wore clothes that matched the concept.

The protagonists are putting down their heavy day to day schedules and as if they are on a camping trip, they're in front of a microbus as they pose.  The bright smiles of the three actors are part of the "Shining Romance" and it shows that this cold winter, "Shining Romance" warmth will buds in the hearts of viewers.

The MBC daily drama "Shining Romance" will be broadcast after "Princess Aurora" and is a project of writer Suh Hyun Joo who wrote "Choice of an Angel" and "Pink Lipstick" and the producer Shin Hyun Chang "One Fine Day" "Shaking Hearts".  It will be broadcast at 7:15PM on December 23rd.

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