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Five Fun Facts About Lee Pil Mo

BY Joan MacDonald | Jan 27, 2014 02:21 PM EST


Lee Pil Mo plays a no-nonsense doctor in the new comedy "Emergency Couple." He's in charge of the emergency room's new interns and given his prominence in the drama will probably supply the second male in a love triangle with Song Ji Hyo's character. You can already tell he is inclined to like her.

Lee Pil Mo is good at playing the second lead. In "The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry," he played Park Jin Hee's pilot boyfriend and lost her to the indie musician played by Kim Bum.

Before he was a pilot and a doctor, he was an angel in "Guardian Angel Kim Young Goo" and a king in "Kim Soo Ro."

Here are a few more facts about this expressive and enthusiastic k-drama actor:

The first time he decided he wanted to be an actor was in middle school but he had no idea how to go about it until he studied at the Seoul Institute of Arts. He has been acting for over a decade but it continues to be exciting for him.

"It just feels so good," he said.

He began acting on stage.

"I began my acting career by appearing in musical theater," he said. "Before the performance starts, it's dark and you can't see anything. Then the stage manager gives the sign. The lights go on. That moment is like a drug. Acting makes my heart leap."

Although now he mostly acts in front of the camera, the experience remains the same.

"I don't do it for the money or fame; I just love acting insanely."

He really likes to sing and he also likes to listen to music but he doesn't follow idol bands.

"I like emotional songs, the ones performed in western musicals or arias," he said.

The only idol he knows personally is Yoona, whom he acted with in "You Are My Destiny."

He's really touched by the fact that he has fan sites and people send him letters. He says he wants to meet each and every one of his fans.

"Maybe I'll give them a hug," he said sweetly in a recent interview.

When discussing his ideal type, he notes that appearance is not so important.

"I don't really like pretty girls," he said.

Character is more important.

"I like a woman with an upbeat personality," he said. "If she is bright and happy she makes people around her feel happy with her energy."

Despite his busy filming schedule for "Emergency Couple," the actor headed for New Zealand last week. There he joined Park Bo Young and Jung Suk Won to film the variety show "Law of the Jungle 3."

From the wilderness of New Zealand to the emergency room, he's an interesting actor to watch.

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