CW's decade-long hit series, "Supernatural" will be airing its 10th season this fall much to the excitement of its fanbase.

Last season saw a chilling end as Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) gets killed by the wayward angel Metatron (Curtis Armstrong) but resurrects as a demon through the Mark Of Cain.

With The CW releasing season 10's official synopsis and promising a "darker path" and "consequences" for the brothers, viewers are anticipating the new season. Many are left questioning how Dean will fare as a new demon-with a penchant for blood and violence.

There has been a handful of "Supernatural" demons in it's 10-year run. The most recent being Abbadon, a Knight of Hell who was outsmarted by the (now regular) Crowley (Mark Sheppard).

Demons of different eye colors have graced the show, indicating stronger powers or higher positions in hell. Some became a major part of the Winchesters' lives like Ruby who turned Sam into a demon blood junkie, Lucifer, the devil himself, and Azazel, who killed the brothers' mother and Sam's girlfriend, Jess, in season one.