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Only Love' Lee Eung Kyung's Excuses Not Getting Through To Kil Yong WOo

BY C Han | Sep 06, 2014 12:25 AM EDT

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"Only Love" Kil Yong Woosaid that he would find out about the secrets to Lee Eung Kyung

On the SBS daily drama "Only You" (director Ahn Kil Ho, script Choi Yoon Jung) broadcast on September 3rd, Choi Dong Joon (played by Kil Yong Woo)'s violent situation was managed by Lee Young Ran (played by Lee Eung Kyung).  She started to mutter her words and started to make her excuses.  Choi Dong Joon said coldly that he would find out about everything himself.

On this episode, Choi Dong Joon saw the secret camera film where Lee Young Ran was pushing Yang Yang Soon (played by Yoon So Jung) off the stairs.  Then, she learned that Choi Yoo Bin (played by Lee Hyun Wook) was framing Kim Tae Yang.

On this episode, Choi Dong Joon learned that Lee Young Ran was responsible for such locking up.

Meanwhile, "Only Love" is a drama featuring Kim Tae Yang, a physician, and Choi Yoo Ri, a broadcasting producer.  Choi Jae Min is a successful executive at a clothing company and Kim Saet Byul is an unwed mother.  These couples fall in love despite their age difference.  Here, the themes in the drama are adoption, blood ties, wealth, and poverty.

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