Kim Nam Jin: "I Was Involved With A Celebrity For 2 Years"

Kim Nam Jin
Lee Seung Yeon

Actor Kim Nam Jin has come forward with a previously unknown chapter of his life.

At the filming of Story On's 'Lee Seung Yeon With 100 Women', Kim Nam Jin made a shocking revelation that he was "involved with a female celebrity for about two years". Despite the persistent questioning by the MC Lee Seung Yeon, the actor refused to reveal the identity of the "female celebrity". He did, however, add that he likes women "who are caring and friendly like Lee Seung Yeon."

Kim Nam Jin also addressed rumors of his migration, hiding, retirement among others caused by his hiatus from acting, citing his "unique personality" as the reason for his inability to adjust to the lifestyle of someone in the enteratinment industry. Saying that his "cold, detached-seeming personality prompted mistaken notions that I am stiff and arrogant that really hurt me", he claimed his hiatus was meant to be "just a short break that turned into 4 years before I realized".

The episode of 'Lee Seung Yeon With 100 Women' featuring Kim Nam Jin is scheduled to air on the 17th.

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