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Child Actress Jin Ji Hee Says, "I Was Once Worried About Being A Loner Because I Am A Celebrity"

BY Staff Reporter | Aug 23, 2012 09:20 AM EDT


'Bbang ggoo ddong ggoo' actress Jin Ji Hee talked about her concerns of the topic of 'bullying.''

On the YTN program 'Issue & People' that aired on the 22nd, the ambassador for Seoul Youth Film Festival, Jin Ji Hee, and executive chairman Kim Jong Hyun appeared on the show.

An anchor asked Jin Ji Hee, "because you are a celebrity, were you ever concerned or burdened that you might be a victim of school violence or bullying?"

Jin Ji Hee replied, "because I am a celebrity, there are many assumptions that I would wear make up. I saw the news and was scared, and I was also scared that it would happen to me as well."

However, Jin Ji Hee added, "I think my friends may have realized what I was feeling, and they approached me first. I then wasn't worried anymore," and smiled brightly.

Meanwhile, Jin Ji Hee appeared as the ambassador for the Seoul Youth Film Festival, which will happen for the 14th time. From the 23rd to the 29th, it will be held at CGV Sungshin, Inchon Memorial Hall in Korea University, and Arirang Cine & Media Center for a week.

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