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'You Who Came From The Stars' Writer Park Ji Eun May Be Ready For Her Next Drama

BY Adrienne Stanley | Feb 10, 2015 07:42 PM EST


On February 10, the Korean outlet TV Report revealed that “You Who Came From The Stars” writer Park Ji Eun may join Suh Soo Min for her next project.

Suh Soo Min is a producer whose credits include the variety show “1 Night, 2 Days” and the popular sketch comedy program “Gag Concert.”

The unnamed project is scheduled to air prior to June and will focus on the inner workings of Korean variety shows. Insight regarding the unique aspects of Korean variety shows will be provided by writers from the industry.

Park has received accolades for the innovative story behind “You Who Came From The Stars.” The drama, which is also common referred to as “My Love From The Stars,” was one of the breakout shows of 2014. The Hallyu hit made waves in China and was sold to the American market for adaptation.

Her previous projects have included “Queen of Housewives” and “My Husband Got a Family.” “Queen of Housewives” which is also known as “My Wife is a Superwoman” marked the first solo project for Park. The drama starred actress Kim Nam Joo, who followed Park to the subsequent projects of “Queen of Reversals” and “My Husband's Got a Family.”

The Korean television network KBS has confirmed that Park has been working with Suh but has yet to substantiate her work on the upcoming drama. However, she has previously worked with Suh and recognized the producer while accepting an award in 2013.

Projects between Korean drama writers and variety show producers have resulted in projects like the “Reply” series and “Seonam Girls' High School.”

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