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Lee Dong Wook And Jung Ryeo Won To Play Lovers In 'Bubble Gum'

BY Julie Jones | Jul 23, 2015 08:47 AM EDT


Just when you thought the recent spate of k-drama reunions was over, there's a new one in the works. Actor Lee Dong Wook, right, and Korean-Australian actress Jung Ryeo Won are expected to star in the new tvN new drama series tentatively titled "Bubble Gum." It will be a 12-year-reunion for the actors as they previously played lovers in the 2003 drama "Do The Right Thing."

According to an anonymous source quoted in the Korean media outlet TV Report, the drama is slated to air in December or January after the end of the manga-based drama "Cheese in the Trap."

And like its "bubble gum" title, the drama will be about finding true love and happiness by accepting the faults of others.

"Bubble Gum" will be set in a hospital and at a broadcasting station. Lee Song Wook will play Park Ri Hwan, the director of the hospital. He cares for his mom and radio producer Kim Haeng A, played by Jung Ryeo Won. Park Ri Hwan is described as selfless and always putting the needs of others before his own. The character of Kim Haeng A has been described as impatient and clumsy, so she needs some taking care of.

There are supposed to be two other main characters in the drama but so far there is no description of thosee characters or any hint as to which actors might play them.

In their previous drama pairing, Jung Ryeo Won's character was in love with Lee Dong Wook's character, but his character left the show after only 10 episodes. This time they get to play the leading characters and their romance will likely last longer than 10 episodes.

Lee Dong Wook previously appeared in the dramas "Iron Man," "Mandate of Heaven," "Wild Romance" and "Scent of a Woman." He can currently be seen in the 2015 film "Beauty Inside," appearing as one of the many different personas of the same man.

Jung Ryeo Won has appeared in "History of a Salaryman, " "King of Dramas" and was loved by Daniel Henney and Hyun Bin in "My Lovely Kim Sam Soon." She can also be seen in the quirky film "Castaway on the Moon."

Fun Fact: Both actors have worked with Kim Sun Ah. He played her romantic lead in "Scent of A Woman," while Ryeo played her rival in "My Lovely Kim Sam Soon."

Kim Byung Soo, who directed "Nine: Nine Time Travels" and "Queen Inhyun's Man," will direct "Bubble Gum."

What do you think about the Lee-Ryeo drama pairing? Let us know.

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