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Rain Enjoys Success With His First Leading Role In A Chinese Drama

BY Julie Jones | Aug 17, 2015 08:38 AM EDT


Actor and singer Rain was already a star in China, but with the success of his current Chinese drama, his star may shine even brighter there. His new drama "Diamond Lover" has already earned over 3.3 billion views.

A statement from China's that was quoted by the Korean media outlet OSEN offered reasons for the drama's success.

"The top star lineup cast and interesting story line have captures many viewers' attention, making it a drama worth watching."

In "Diamond Lover" Rain plays Xiao Liang the CEO of the world's largest diamond company. Everything about Xiao Liang seems as perfect and as mesmerizingly attractive as his company's most desirable diamonds. But perfection and beauty are not the most important qualities in human relationships. As a result, Xiao Liang is a lonely man.

One of China's most popular actresses Tiffany Tang plays Mi Duo, the woman who will change his life. Her drama character knows all about transformation since she changed her life by getting plastic surgery.

It's the second time the two have worked together as they previously appeared in the 2014 film "For Love Or Money." Actor Luo Jin, who has appeared in other productions as Tang's leading man, plays a character that provides competition for Xiao Liang.

The drama also stars Dilraba Dilmurat as Gao Wen, Zhang Wen as "Ye Qi" and Yao Yichen as "Lin Ziliang."

Xiao Liang is Rain's first leading role in a Chinese drama. Although the actor-singer did memorize some Chinese lines for the drama's press conference, he acted his part in Korean, and his lines were dubbed.

In an interview with China's CCTV news, Rain spoke about the challenges and benefits of working on the drama.

"The experience has been great with the director and other actors and I've learned a lot from them," said Rain. "But I have to tell you that learning Chinese is difficult so only I speak a little bit of it in the drama. People sometimes think certain Korean and Chinese words sound similar so it shouldn't be that hard. But to speak with the right tone and emotions is difficult in either languages."

Rain also contributed the songs "Diamond Lover" and "Pretend" to the drama's soundtrack. As of the first week in August, the songs ranked first and second on the QQ Music Korean Music Chart.

Rain reportedly earned $5.4 million for his role in "Diamond Lover," which is enough to buy more than a few impressive diamonds.

The drama, which began July 22, was shot in China, Korea and Belgium.

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