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Dec 18, 2013 09:42 PM EST
Park Ye Eun's Feelings Ending "Basketball"
Park Ye Eun who debuted through tvN drama "Basketball" delivered her words of thanks.
Dec 18, 2013 09:28 PM EST
'Basketball" Jung Dong Hyun, "I'll Never Be Able to Forget Any Of This" for Life
Actor Jung Dong Hyun delivered his feelings ending the tvN Monday/Tuesday drama "Basketball."
Nov 15, 2013 12:58 PM EST
"Basketball" Loses Six Episodes
The drama about the only North-South Korean basketball team to play in the Olympics is being cut by six episodes.
Ji Il Ju In 'Basketball' Real Good Acting
Nov 13, 2013 10:30 PM EST
Ji Il Ju In 'Basketball' Real Good Acting
"Basketball" character 'Hong Ki' Ji Il Ju flipped out at Gong Hyung Jin who was acting nice to him while only looking out for himself.
Oct 31, 2013 03:09 PM EDT
Dramas Revive 90s Interest For Basketball
The heyday of Korean basketball of the 1990s is reviving through dramas.
‘Basketball’ Controlled Yanus Like Charisma
Oct 28, 2013 06:50 PM EDT
‘Basketball’ Controlled Yanus Like Charisma With Anger And Restraint
Actor Do Ji Hwan who has his first main role in tvN Monday/Tuesday drama "Basketball" is making a great presence.
Will ‘Basketball’ Make A New Success Story?
Oct 27, 2013 03:08 PM EDT
What Did You Watch Yesterday? Will ‘Basketball’ With A New Storyline About History Make A New Success Story?
Five Line Summary & Review
Kim Hyuk Special Appearance On ‘Basketball” Like A Star
Oct 27, 2013 03:08 PM EDT
Kim Hyuk Special Appearance On ‘Basketball” Like A Former Basketball Star
Kim Hyuk makes a special appearance on "Basketball."
‘Basketball’ Park Yae Eun No Longer A Girlgroup Member
Oct 25, 2013 10:15 AM EDT
‘Basketball’ Park Yae Eun No Longer A Girlgroup Member, Perfect Change To ‘Country Girl’
Wondergirls member Park Yae Eun (24) got great reviews acting for the first time on her first drama "Basketball."
Oct 21, 2013 12:55 PM EDT
"Basketball" Sounds Like A Slam Dunk Drama
The drama focuses on a member of the 1948 Korean basketball team that made the Olympics.
Jung In Sung Grew Up So Fast!
Oct 17, 2013 03:59 PM EDT
'Memories Of Murder' Jung In Sun Grew Up So Fast
Jung In Sun Grew Up So Fast
Oct 16, 2013 09:30 PM EDT
‘Basketball’ Kim Eung Soo: “There Are No Bad Roles, Just Bad Actors”
Actor Kim Eung Soo spoke about his thoughts as an "expert villain actor."
Oct 16, 2013 09:28 PM EDT
‘Basketball’ Jung Dong Hyun: I Lied That I Was Good At Basketball To Be Casted
Actor Jung Dong Hyun disclosed the true story behind the drama casting.
New Period Drama
Oct 16, 2013 09:27 PM EDT
Will Producer Kwak Jung Hwan’s Ambitious Period Drama “Basketball” Be A Slam Dunk?
Will Slave Hunter producer Kwak Jung Hwan's ambitious period drama "Basketball" overcome the limits of a cable channel and rise to the top?
Park Ye Eun
May 28, 2013 12:20 PM EDT
Kpop Girls Keep Scoring Kdrama Roles
Wonder Girls' Park Ye Eun recently landed a role in the upcoming drama, "Basketball."
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