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Ji Sung To Romance Hwang Jung Eum Before Marrying Lee Bo Young

BY Joan MacDonald | Aug 06, 2013 01:07 PM EDT

Ji Sung
Hwang Jung Eum

While making plans to marry Lee Bo Young, actor Ji Sung will also devote some time to romancing another woman. Fortunately, for his bride-to-be, the other woman is a character in a melodrama.

Ji Sung, who appeared in "Protect The Boss," "The Great Seer" and "Swallow The Sun" has officially signed on to the drama "Secret." In that drama, he will play Min Hyuk, a cold rich guy who falls in love with the Yoo Jung, played by Hwang Jung Eum. Min Hyuk is a man who has everything but longs for revenge. He's a bad guy who falls in love with the woman who supposedly killed his lover. That would mean she is the person that he wants to take revenge on, but part of the twist in this drama is that she went to jail for a crime her former boyfriend committed.

The production company is counting on the chemistry between Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum to make the melodrama a success.

"We thought Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum were the best actors to bring the deadly love story of "Secret" to life," said a representative from the production company. "We're working hard to put on a really poignant romance this fall. We hope you anticipate it."

Ji Sung and his longtime girlfriend Lee Bo Young are getting married in only a month. They will have to coordinate their wedding preparations with the filming schedule for "Secret" and will have no time to go on a honeymoon. Lee Bo Young will be in Africa for part of that time on a humanitarian mission. She is going to the Congo to volunteer with UNICEF.

The actor wondered about the timing of starring in this drama but Lee Bo Young encouraged him to take the role. She told him that he could not pass up such a good role.

The couple first met when they appeared together in the 2004 SBS drama "Save The Last Dance For Me." In that drama, Lee Bo Young lost Ji Sung to his leading lady, played by Eugene. But in real life, they became close. They did not admit to dating until 2007 when a photographer caught them out together.

They announced their upcoming marriage after Lee Bo Young finished filming the hit drama "I Hear Your Voice." The couple has planned to marry since the spring but Lee did not want her wedding news to interfere with the drama.

"Secret" will follow "The Blade and the Petal."

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