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Samsung SmartThings Hub 2.0: The Internet Of Things To Monitor And Control Home Appliances And Devices

BY Judith Aparri | Nov 25, 2015 07:13 PM EST

   Founder and CEO of SmartThings Alex Hawkinson (L) speaks with President and CEO of Consumer Electronics at Samsung Electronics Boo-Keun Yoon as he delivers a keynote address at the 2015 International CES at The Venetian Las Vegas on January 5, 2015 in
(Photo : Ethan Miller | Getty Images Technology)

Samsung Group launched this year the SmartThings Hub 2.0 to monitor and control home appliances and devices in an Internet of Things setup.

Most of today's tech products are geared towards IoT and the growth of the numbers keeps soaring so it is becoming a crowded space, said CNET. The South Korean conglomerate has a product line called SmartThings, such as, outlets, security, water sensors and more.

One needs to buy a hub that groups the "communicating" devices together and makes it possible to access more than 200 IoT items which can be controlled by a tablet or a phone, said Beta News, or by voice commands. Samsung SmartThings Hub 2.0 is compatible with other home automation hubs like Amazon Echo.

IoT products like the Samsung Smartthings Hub 2.0 make life easier. With the hub, one can connect many smart devices like sensors and appliances at home with the SmartThings mobile app.

Samsung introduced its second-generation SmartThings Hub this year with more features compared to the original hub last year. It connects to the Wi-Fi router so that along with other apps of iOS, Windows and Android, will filter all the connected devices in the house. It is intended to reduce or remove the need to change between apps or plug various single-protocol hubs to the router.

It has an unactivated Bluetooth radio which may be activated in the future with updates. According to CNET's review of the hub, it works well, though the app interface iOS version is confusing and to think the technology is for simplification and convenience.

CNET did say Samsung SmartThings Hub 2.0 is better than its competitors from Wink, Staples Connect, HomeKit-enabled Insteon and Iris. It is great even for first timers to smart home integrations.

The IoT hub from smart has to blend with various design aesthetics so it does not alienate from potential buyers. It comes in plastic, looking like a cube.

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